"Great plot! Fascinating characters!
Great ending! I highly recommend this book."

—Burt W. Griffin, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Assistant Counsel to the Warren Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy.

punishment title text


No one wants punishment more than the parents of a victim of violence, but when the case goes to trial in a Palm Beach Courthouse that suffers a brutal murder and a bombing within weeks of the jury verdict, everyone has a stake in the outcome. Casey Portman is a young, attractive bailiff caught up in the drama and excitement. Her personal life is caught, too, by an unexpected sexual encounter with the handsome county sheriff.

Who gets punished? That depends on who does the sentencing and your view on what punishment is all about. You decide.

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“In Linda Rocker’s debut novel, two seemingly disparate court cases come together in a tangled web of mayhem, murder and mystery. Woven into that web are insights into the often shadowy workings of America’s criminal justice system. “Punishment” is a fun read!”
—C. Dettelbach, Author, playwright, award winning journalist