Meet Linda Rocker

Linda Rocker has been in the center of the action since she graduated college with a degree in English. When she wasn’t teaching, she was leading “teach-ins” against the war, writing and publishing poetry and music and joining the fight for civil rights and women’s access through politics. Law school and practice opened the door to professional success and to new opportunities, including arguments before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S.Supreme Court. Appointed to Ohio’s Common Pleas Bench, she served as a trial judge for a number of years and has continued to hear cases as a retired Judge. A prolific writer, many of her legal opinions have appeared in print, along with articles in local bar association magazines.

Rocker has been honored as a leader, a fighter for equal rights, and an advocate for the homeless. She has been recognized by Who’s Who in American Women, Cleveland Magazine’s Most Interesting People and The Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame to name just a few.

“Punishment” is her debut novel. It is the first of a trilogy about criminal justice. The second novel, “Blame” is in progress and she will be publishing a collection of short stories, “Is Anybody Listening?” in early 2013.

Rocker and her husband travel widely and spend time in Cleveland, Florida and Chautauqua, New York.