Birth of a Book: Blame Is Here!!

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I mean no disrespect to my male fans, but I assure you that no experience can quite equal giving birth to a child. Bringing a book into the world, as thrilling as it is, cannot compete with the moment you first look at the newly minted human being that you, with major assistance, have created.

Having said that, I am over the moon about the publication of Blame: A Casey Portman Novel. Maybe it’s the long hours and the rewrites, rewrites, rewrites that went on for months that have made for such a thrilling experience. Perhaps it’s the terrific advance reviews the book has received that have set me a-tingle. Or could it be that, unlike that life-altering birth of a child, I won’t need to change the book’s diapers, give it a midnight feeding, potty train it or try to teach it good manners before kindergarten.

In fact, that analysis is not entirely accurate. The birth of a book in today’s world is only the beginning of the journey. Blame is going to require a massive amount of post-natal nurturing. There are the book signings, ads, Facebook “boostings,” tweets, website postings, blogging . . . and it all takes time, energy and dedication. So, I guess at the end of the day, there are some similarities, but I’m still happy about the diaper thing.

I hope you’ll like this book as well as you liked Punishment. Some of your favorite characters are back and some new ones have been added.  Please remember that each book stands alone and if you have questions about the characters, go to to read more about them.

None of this happens without your support and encouragement. Thank you for cheering me on.


P.S. Blame: A Casey Portman Novel is now available on all the major sites, including Amazon and Nook in e-book and paperback.

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