If you’re looking for reviews of Linda Rocker’s works you’ve come to the right place!  Her debut novel Punishment got rave reviews as did her story collection, Clean Margins and Other Stories. And the reviews are just beginning to appear for Blame. Here are just a few collected from around the web.  Do you have a review that you’ve written?  Contact us and we’ll get it added!

Reviews of Blame: A Casey Portman Novel

Blame: A Casey Portman Novel by Linda Rocker ($14.95, Wheatmark) is enhanced by the fact that Ms. Rocker worked more than 35 years as a trial lawyer and judge in Ohio’s highest trial court. Lawyers turned novelists is becoming a trend, but it helps if they’re good at it and Ms. Rocker is as she tells the story of a young man who dies of a drug overdose and his mother who is looking for someone to blame. She embarks on an obsessive crusade to destroy the pain doctor who gave her only son the pills that killed him. The Palm Beach Courthouse and an ambitious prosecutor become the tools of her revenge. Casey Portman, the judge’s bailiff, is dealing with her love for a handsome sheriff, but the ripple effects of the young man’s death and a trial of a respected neurosurgeon fill this story with plenty of twists and turns, that will keep you reading it.”—Bookviews by Alan Caruba

“With a South Florida setting that features moneyed residents, a leisure lifestyle for some and alligator-infested swamps for all, the story is chockablock with diverse characters, nearly all motivated by self-interest. . . . [O]ne standout character is Pleasure Jones, a statuesque black woman with a stable of high-class escorts. Her romantic relationship with white attorney Tony Russo is notably well-portrayed. Throughout, the author educates readers about the legal system—voir dire (jury selection), discovery, handling of evidence . . . the path of re-election for judges, etc. . . .”—Kirkus Reviews

“From her many years of trial experience as a litigator and judge, [Linda Rocker] allows us a close-up examination of the system, including the strengths and frailties of those charged with making it work. A trial is many different things to the many people involved. . . . Litigation is the vehicle for power and an arena for various kinds of corruption and shady, if legal, dealings. The courthouse is its home, and no one handles the ugly side of what transpires there better than Linda Rocker. . . . Floridians will enjoy the well-handled Palm Beach County setting, particularly the courthouse neighborhood. This highly entertaining legal thriller has a lot to offer.”—Phil Jason, Florida Weekly

Reviews of Clean Margins and Other Stories…

Kirkus Reviews

Rocker (Punishment, 2012), in her sophomore effort, offers a collection of nine short stories chronicling pivotal moments in the lives of very different women.

From the outskirts of Buenos Aires to the restroom of an upscale bookstore, these stories span different times, places and perspectives. However, each features a female protagonist who has a momentous, although not always positive, experience. “Waiting” explores the reality, and the occasional tedium, of an aging couple’s life; “Ghost Stories” features a mysterious woman on the run in 1940s Bavaria; and “The Crusader” provides welcome humor with the tale of a woman who isn’t afraid to speak up when another woman leaves a messy public restroom stall. Rocker, a retired judge, brings her legal experience to “The Setting Sun,” in which a young woman plays lawyer for both the plaintiff and the defense in an abortion case. In the autobiographical “Maternity,” the lengthiest story of the collection, the author engagingly explores a confounding family secret and the lies that perpetuated it. Some readers may feel that this particular story, which includes photographs, could have been expanded into a full-length book. Overall, the author skillfully uses her stories’ key moments to illuminate her characters and themes. The imagery in “The Bride’s Dance” is strikingly vibrant, although some readers may find alliterative phrases such as “fishnet festooned legs” a bit forced. Some stories’ brevity, and the fact that the protagonists are not always sympathetic, may also distance some readers. That said, Rocker excels at providing a new atmosphere and perspective to each story. The collection will likely appeal to fans of literary fiction, and its coverage of social and gender issues may also make it a candidate for women’s studies courses.

A contemplative, expressive story collection, sure to garner an appreciative readership.


Gary Presley in ForeWord Reviews

“Linda Rocker writes with an almost ever-present sense of melancholy, never turning away from recognizing life is often troubled and unfair, especially as lived by women.”
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Fran Lewis

“Nine women whose lives were impacted by the actions of others each learn some important lessons. Not all will result in s positive outcome. Some will reach inside the mind and soul of the person hoping to set free whatever is harboring the anger, resentment and fears. Each caught within the web of lies, betrayal, deceit and hidden secrets that are about to be revealed.”
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Reviews of Punishment: A Legal Thriller

Phil Jason in Florida Weekly

“Punishment is a pleasure in debut legal thriller… Conceived by its Palm Beach Gardens author as the first novel in a trilogy, “Punishment” has more than enough going for it for me to recommend it and look forward to the next installment of Casey Portman’s life at court.
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Heather Talty in ForeWord Reviews

“This legal thriller, focusing on how a convoluted pair of cases affect courthouse staff and criminals alike, benefits from the insider perspective provided by Linda Rocker, a legal professional.”
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“Fast-paced, taut, legal thriller filled with a former trial judge’s unique insights into the criminal justice system.”
Martin D. Krall, Former Executive V.P. and Chief Legal Officer, New York Daily News; U.S. News and World Report, Atlantic Monthly 


“Great plot!  Fascinating characters!  Great ending!  I highly recommend this book.”
Burt W. Griffin, Former Assistant U.S. District Attorney, Assistant Councel to the W