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Rave Review for Blame from Glenda Bixler on Book Reader’s Heaven

Friday, November 14th, 2014

bookscatslifeissweetIt’s quite a thrill when a reviewer really “gets” your book. Glenda Bixler was one of the more thoughtful readers of my previous book, Punishment, and I was delighted when she wrote on Book Reader’s Heaven:

Selecting the bailiff as the individual most involved was enlightening to me. Most of us see that individual off in the corner, just standing and watching… Casey Portman, however, wasn’t one to step back and just watch…Could this be an upcoming series similar to that provided to us by Janet Evanovich? If so, this could get verrrry interesting. In any event, I enjoyed this romp through one of the strangest set of court scenes you may ever see. Highly recommended.

But even that glowing review didn’t quite prepare me for her response to Blame. She begins her review with her own personal reaction to the theme of the novel:

One of the most used feelings we humans have is the need to place blame. I know I am just as guilty as anybody… To balance that out, I have through the years done my best to “know thyself” and, ultimately, even if not immediately, accept when I have been at fault or partially to blame. When we are able to stop and do this, we are able to settle situations in our minds and accept… But given the role of the legal system in today’s world, we all know that Blame is, perhaps, the ultimate issue behind most law cases.

Blame - A Casey Portman NovelThis was the kind of thing continually on my mind while I was writing Blame. Fixing blame can become a personal obsession and can even sweep up an entire community. That’s what I sought to explore in the story and Glenda spends much of her review detailing how blame plays a role with each of the characters in my novel. What a close reader!  What especially tickled me is that not only did she respond to my theme, she also got my humor:

Linda Rocker hooked me on her first novel so I was very happy to have the opportunity to read her again. While this novel has a much more serious set of issues, there is still the underlying humor that Rocker displays–you can almost see her sitting back with somewhat of a smirk and whispering, “OMG, will it never end???”

She also has a little tidbit which I came to look forward to. At the end of each chapter, she baits the reader with some hint of what’s coming:

“Myrna wasn’t clairvoyant, but this time her premonitions were pretty good…”

I immediately got in the habit of trying to guess what was going to happen…Soon each chapter flies by and you realize the book is finished! LOL Wonderful!

Talk about being simpatico. Too bad I’m already married. But the clincher for me is how she ends her review:

This overview doesn’t even begin to tell you about the chaos, disorder and insanity, albeit, temporary sometimes, that surrounds each of those who dare to play the Blame Game….

If you think the legal system is a farce, read Rocker–she might not entirely disagree with you but she’s quite willing to allow us into that inner realm and help see the humor behind the very real efforts to make the system work… Highly recommended!

glendabixlerThank you so much, Glenda. You are my ideal reader. I so wish I could clone you. I know I’ll be hearing your words zinging around my head as I type my next book, and then sit back with a smirk and whisper . . .