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“No one handles the ugly side of what transpires in the courthouse better than Linda Rocker”—Phil Jason, Florida Weekly

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Florida Weekly review crAs I mentioned in a previous blog post, “Why I Write,” I like to draw on my years of experience inside the courthouse to explore aspects of the justice system through fiction that would be difficult, if not impossible, to get at in any other way. So it’s such a sweet and special pleasure when a book reviewer singles out that aspect of my writing – and that’s exactly what Phil Jason did recently in his review of Blame in the Florida Weekly:

From her many years of trial experience as a litigator and judge, [Linda Rocker] allows us a close-up examination of the system, including the strengths and frailties of those charged with making it work. A trial is many different things to the many people involved.

Phil_JasonFrom there Jason unwinds in loving detail the mechanics of Blame: the two cases at the center of the novel and the several stories that radiate out from them.  What I especially like, though, is that he then zeroes in on what drives the action:

Litigation is the vehicle for power and an arena for various kinds of corruption and shady, if legal, dealings. The courthouse is its home, and no one handles the ugly side of what transpires there better than Linda Rocker.

I could rest my case there, except that he endears himself to me even more by calling out to an audience I so much seek to please:

Floridians will enjoy the well-handled Palm Beach County setting, particularly the courthouse neighborhood. This highly entertaining legal thriller has a lot to offer.

When a Florida reviewer hails both the legal legerdemain and the local color, I don’t need to add an opinion. I’m delighted to let this judgment stand.